Miles Pinhead Gunpowder Loose Leaf Tea

Miles Pinhead Gunpowder Loose Leaf Tea

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The blend

This pack contains 100g of loose leaf Pinhead Gunpowder tea, a tightly rolled green Chinese tea, which is bold in taste and smooth in texture. The leaves of our gunpowder tea are rolled into the shape of pellets giving it a gunpowder-like appearance. As a result of this specialised rolling, the tea leaves stay fresher for longer.

The taste

A bold green tea that is full of flavour, with a slightly smoky flavour and a unique roasted aroma.

The benefit

Green tea is said to boost metabolism, increase fat burn and protect the skin. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate, a natural of antioxidant. It is believed the bioactive compounds in green tea can improve brain function.

The moment

Sip away morning, noon and night. This green tea is enjoyable at anytime, but particularly  agreeable on a hot day.

The creation

Using traditional methods of blending and tasting, this tea has been carefully crafted by the Miles team, using Miles experTeas!

Based on the edge of Exmoor and on Somerset’s coastline, we take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings to create a cuppa that embodies a little escape, evoking memories of a holiday in the West Country, with each sip. Our attention to detail and experience ensures a consistent, flavourful tea that will see you constantly topping up your mug.