Our Partners

Working closely to support local businesses in and around Stockbridge.

A key part of the strategy at Local Zero is to work closely with local businesses as they play a huge part in our mission to live more sustainably.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, and we know that by investing in them, in turn we boost our economy and help to lighten the load on the environment.

Grow your business with Local Zero.
If you are a grower, maker or producer of foods or household goods, located (ideally) within 20 miles of Stockbridge, Hampshire, we would love to hear from you.
We understand that independent businesses don't always have the time or resources to operate online, or to provide a delivery service, so Local Zero can help - sell your produce through us and we can expand your reach to a 20 mile radius of Stockbridge.
If you are interested in finding out more, drop us a line shop@local-zero.co.uk


Tried & Supplied

Tried & Supplied is a digital food sourcing network focused on sustainable, local suppliers.

The food industry is a major contributor to global warming and loss of biodiversity, while regenerative agriculture, sustainable food production and reduced carbon footprint for logistics all play a significant role in ensuring the future of our planet

Partnering with Tried & Supplied will enable Local Zero to source appropriate produce in a coordinated, efficient and cost effective way. 

We will also work with Tried & Supplied to generate initial data into the Local Zero app and increasingly enrich this to develop a dynamic dashboard of greener behaviours.


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Love + Joy Home

Love + Joy is an independent zero/low waste shop offering plastic free alternatives and a range of organic and environmentally friendly items.

Since childhood, Sarah has had a passion for all things natural and ethical, but it was whilst studying aromatherapy in her 20’s and especially after the birth of her children that she became more aware of the plastics and synthetics found in our home and beauty products. This inspired her to open Love + Joy to help others in their mission to reduce chemicals and waste at home.
Her motto is “start small and replace one product under your sink with a plant derived alternative.”

Local Zero are partnering with Love +Joy to provide customers access to a wide range of refillable produce, plastic free goods, naturally derived cleaning and beauty products along with items for the home which can be recycled, via our carbon-neutral delivery service.  


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Moon Roast Coffee

Local Zero will be supplying refillable Moonroast coffee beans and freshly ground bagged coffee.

Inspired by family heritage in the coffee and tea trades spanning four generations, Moonroast is a small batch coffee roastery based in the heart of rural Hampshire.

Fran and his team take pride in roasting ethically sourced speciality graded Arabica coffees, ensuring the small-holder farmers receive the right price for their coffee and that their farming practices remain kind to the environment.

From the roastery they compost used coffee grounds, supply compostable take-out coffee cups and lids and use only compostable packing boxes and tape. Their aim to use all sustainable packaging and are currently exploring recyclable and biodegradable coffee bags.


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Broughton Growers

Set in the heart of Test Valley, within the village of Broughton, Tid has been growing vegetables at The Anchorage since the 1950’s

His mission is that their produce must be fresh, local, sustainable & delicious, which aligns perfectly with our vision at Local Zero. From corn and cabbage, to beans and herbs, everything is sustainably grown in Broughton and handpicked less than 24hrs before delivery – it really can’t get fresher than that.

Lusso Leaf

Lusso Leaf is a non-conventional indoor farm, producing micro-greens through vertical farming. Because of this technique, they are able to grow much more per square metre than traditional farming.

Their commitment to providing locally grown, sustainable produce whilst being environmentally friendly is everything Local Zero believes in. We can’t wait to join forces, and deliver their tasty micro-greens direct to your door.


Test Valley Devons

Situated in the beautiful chalk stream and downland landscape of the Test Valley, Hampshire (in fact Local Zero Director, David, can usually see the herd from his kitchen window!)

The Devons spend summer on the water-meadows of the River Test in Hampshire, where they play an essential role in conservation management, controlling invasive plant species and assisting with seed transmission. Winter is also spent outdoors in their upland fields, offering good grazing, firm ground under hoof, plus the option to retreat to the barn to shelter from the elements whenever they choose.


Kirk House Farm Honey

Kirk House Farm is located in Goodworth Clatford alongside the river Anton. An idyllic location for a huge range of fauna and flora, which surrounds the famous chalk stream. 

Each batch of honey is from individual hives, meaning the natural variations are persevered from hive to jar. As we move from season to season, the floras change and this can impact colour, brightness, clarity and taste of the honey! 

Lemon + Jinja

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New Forest Tea

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