Team Local Zero

Our small but perfectly formed Local Zero team bring together a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors including finance, IT, e-commerce, retail and food, sharing a passion for waste reduction and sustainability, along with the all important customer journey.

David Hall

After 20 years leading innovation and international business development for RBS and Virgin Group, David moved into consultancy in fintech and digitalstart-ups. He has worked with exciting new businesses across the globe and in a variety of sectors. The pandemic has focused David’s passion for using his experience and partnership networks to drive the green recovery – starting in his local community in Hampshire.

Graeme Henry

Graeme's experience across many industries over the last 4 decades has seen him work with companies to reduce inefficiency and waste at all levels of their businesses.

Drawing upon that experience, knowledge and learning, he has embarked on the challenge of making his life greener and helping others understand and realise moderate changes of lifestyle can have a massive positive impact on the local and world environments.

Lou Ellison

Lou is our Marketing Consultant, in charge of our brand and communications.
With 20 years in marketing, she has a rich mix of experience to bring to our team, having worked on both large scale projects for the likes of Vodafone, Microsoft and P&O Ferries, as well as small businesses and charities. Lou is well-versed in the challenges of retail and e-commerce having run her own business for 5 years. She is passionate about branding, and is looking forward to growing the Local Zero customer community. 

Denise Hall

Denise’s frustrations with trying to live a greener lifestyle and reduce plastic waste led to the whole Local Zero idea. Taking her diesel car on the 16-mile round trip to her nearest refill shop seemed to be doing more harm than good and, living remotely, any local shopping always meant even more driving, time and hassle. If only you could get zero-waste shopping from local suppliers, delivered to your door?! The rest, as they say, is history!

When she’s not selecting new product ranges or improving our customers’ experience, Denise can be found leading the Admin Office at our local Primary School.

Charlie Hall

Charlie manages our customer orders and makes sure everything is picked, packed and delivered when our customers want.

She’s passionate about doing her bit to reduce plastic in our oceans and tackle the climate crisis.

When she’s not ensuring our operations run smoothly, you can usually find her arguing about philosophy or politics – which she is currently studying at college.

Katie Henry

Katie is our Marketing Assistant. Working alongside Lou, she is responsible for keeping our Facebook page up to date with all of our news, products and useful information about sustainability and zero waste living.

Katie has previously worked in retail and is passionate about protecting the planet.

Domini Hogg

Domini has an unusual combination of experience in both food and software. Having started out advising hotel and restaurant chains on menus, she then led the client team in a fast-growing marketing software start-up, advising brands such as AkzoNobel, Santander, Net-a-Porter and ASOS on digital marketing, data and growth strategy.

With her business, Tried and Supplied, she is blending her love of food with her knowledge and experience of software and efficient processes to create localised routes-to-market for sustainable food production