Refill Shop at Weyhill

10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Those who prefer to see their shopping before they buy, or purchase the amount they need instead of having extra sitting in the cupboards for months...Look no further. Our new Local Zero shop in Weyhill is now open! Set in the historic Weyhill Fairground Craft Centre, you can browse a much larger range of sustainable and zero-waste products. And there is something to be said about shopping sustainably; it feels good! Not only are you supporting local businesses, but you are also reducing plastic waste and doing your bit for the planet!

With free parking and just a 5-minute drive from Andover, you can find an array of local businesses from craft shops, local artists, wellbeing services and a lovely tea room to visit. You will be spoilt for choice.



Sustainable Shopping at Weyhill, Hampshire

Our store is self-serve but our friendly staff will be there to assist you, whether you need help measuring out your ingredients, or are interested to learn more about our sustainable products.

Step by Step

  1. Simply pop in to our store with your empty refill containers.
  2. Weigh each empty container on the scales provided and make a note so we can subtract it from the final weight once you have filled them. TOP TIP: write it on the bottom of your container - then you don't have to weigh it next time.
  3. You are now ready to start filling your containers with as much or as little as you like.
  4. Take your containers to the till, and our helpful staff will do the final weighing. It's as simple as that!

Forgotten your containers? No problem! We have refillable containers that you can purchase in store. 



Local Zero's aim is to make sustainable shopping accessible to everyone. That means offering an expanding range of locally sourced products, available online and offline. Our vision is to create a shopping experience that provides a better alternative to imported, plastic-wrapped products while matching traditional supermarkets on cost and convenience. 

Products Available in Store

Local Zero is giving our customers access to the best of local foods, household supplies and creative crafts, sustainably produced, reducing waste and helping the planet.

We have a broad range of products in store from refill essentials such as: 

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Rice & Pasta
  • Beans & Pulses
  • Flour & Baking
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds
  • Sweet Treats
  • Jams & Honey

We also stock refillable household items such as laundry, bathroom and general household cleaning products. Are you thinking of switching to a more sustainable cleaning product? Why don't you come into store, take a sample and try it out?


Do your bit for the planet

Shop locally and sustainably with Local Zero