What does zero waste mean? 
In its simplest terms; we aim to send nothing to a landfill. We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot. Avoiding single use plastics is a good place to start. 

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s really about redefining the system. We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and then dump them in a giant hole in the ground. LANDFILL. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where landfill no longer exists and we create a system where all resources can be resumed fully back into the system.

Should I not use plastic at all?
Many people think that in embarking on the zero waste journey, they need to throw away all their plastic items. DON'T. Due to the rather lacking waste processing systems we have in the UK, much of the waste we dispose of ends up in landfill, which is not good for the environment, and micro plastics end up in our water system and in the ocean. So rather than throwing anything and everything plastic away, the environmentally friendly thing to do is reuse as much as possible.

How does Local Zero work? 

We are on a mission to make shopping as sustainable as possible, and one of the biggest areas for improvement in the grocery sector is packaging waste. We were becoming increasingly horrified at the amount of materials being used for everyday products that simply don't need complex packaging, especially the single use kind. 

The Local Zero zero waste service is easy to use... You buy Zero Waste products from our online shop and we deliver them to you in 100% returnable, reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. This may be in the form of our BPA free containers and bottles, glass jars or bottle, or paper. 

Once you receive your order, empty the produce into your own containers, and we will collect them when you're done with them. 

We then wash them and refill them, and the whole cycle starts again! 

How are the reusable pots and boxes cleaned?
Health and safety is our number one concern when it comes to our reusable pots and boxes. All of our returnable pots are cleaned to food safety standards when returned to us, and disinfected before being re-used.

Why are you using plastic for your containers? 
We're not claiming to be perfect, but we are making small changes to reduce our waste output. Whilst single use plastic is a BIG no-no, plastic does have its place in our world, but only when it's reused many, many times. Our containers are made from BPA-free food standard, recyclable plastic which is actually rather eco friendly in terms of durability and CO2 production; once an item comes to the end of its (long) life, it can be recycled so absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

Will you be adding more products soon?
YES! We are currently in our start-up phase with a very basic product range available whilst we get up and running. As we build our relationships with local suppliers we will be adding more items to our store - we'd love to get to the point where you can do a full shop with us! We are also eager to get feedback from our customers to find out what products you want, so please do let us know.