Zero-Emission Delivery

Our delivery service makes zero-waste shopping even more accessible!

Our goal, as a business, is to be Carbon Neutral. The Local Zero team all share a passion for being both sustainable and ethical in everything we do, and limiting our carbon footprint is top of our list of priorities.

We provide FREE* delivery to our customers within 20 miles of Stockbridge, Hampshire in our zero-emission electric vans.

If you would like your sustainable products delivered outside of our 20mile radius, no problem! There will be a small delivery charge.

*Minimum order value £20

Local Zero Delivery Explained

We operate a closed-loop, zero-waste delivery service; our products are delivered in 100% reusable, returnable or recyclable packaging. The customer decants their flour, pasta, coffee, shampoo, detergent etc, into their own containers, keeping the empties for collection. Local Zero collects, washes, refills or recycles the packaging and the whole cycle starts again!

  1. Browse our online store
    Choose from a growing range of locally sourced groceries and household items.

  2. Choose your delivery slot
    Place your order at least 48 hours before you would like your delivery, and choose a suitable slot. We deliver between 9am - 9pm 7 days a week.

  3. Reusable/recyclable packaging
    ALL Local Zero packaging is either re-used, recycled or composted, meaning NOTHING goes to land-fill. Remember to ‘re-use’ is always the best option.

  4. Zero-Emissions Delivery
    Local Zero personally delivers your shopping in our zero-emissions electric vans to your door.

  5. We collect your empties!
    On our next delivery, we'll collect any empty Local Zero containers for cleaning and re-use.


Join the sustainable shopping revolution today and shop with Local Zero