With just a few more days of testing left, we are preparing to go live with the Local Zero online store, later this week! 

Local Zero online shop screenshot
Local Zero online shop, almost ready for business! 

Members of our Local Zero Community have helpfully been trying out our new online shop, and the Local Zero team have been working hard to fulfil orders, with the first of our electric vans frequently spotted in and around Stockbridge. 

The purpose of our testing phase, is of course to check the website and delivery functionality, and get feedback to  ensure a great experience for our customers. We are delighted to report some really helpful comments and great feedback so far! As is to be expected, a few questions have arisen around packaging and delivery, so here’s the lowdown on both of these subjects…

Local Zero refill jars and packaging
PHOTO CREDIT Laura Mitulla


We plan to operate in the main, as what is known as a closed-loop, zero-waste delivery service…. our products are delivered in 100% reusable, returnable or recyclable packaging. The customer decants their flour, pasta, coffee, shampoo, detergent or - whatever really  – into their own containers, and then keeps the empties for collection. Local Zero collects, washes, refills or recycles the empties and the whole cycle starts again. 
Alternatively, Local Zero customers may choose to keep our containers and reuse within their home - and order refill sizes to keep in the cupboard. Either way, you can be safe in the knowledge that the packaging we use for refill products has been carefully selected for its functionality and eco-credentials. Whether BPA-free plastic, glass or paper, Local Zero packaging is chosen for long life use, with the aim of keeping the amount of waste put into general circulation to an absolute minimum. It can ALL be either re-used, recycled or composted, meaning NOTHING goes to land-fill.


David and Graeme preparing for their first delivery round with the Local Zero electric van
David and Graeme prepare for their first Local Zero delivery


Our goal, as a business, is to be Carbon Neutral. The Local Zero team all share a passion to be both sustainable and ethical in everything we do, and limiting our carbon footprint is top of our list of priorities. 

As a starter for ten, we have opted for a zero-emission electric van, providing FREE delivery to our customers within 20 miles of Stockbridge, Hampshire. Once they have placed their order, customers are able to book a delivery slot within 48 hours. Our team then fullfil orders via our local suppliers, before delivering to our customers’ doorsteps.

Beyond our standard free delivery area, depending on the order size, we can deliver up to 100 miles for a modest fee, and for national deliveries, we have a carbon neutral courier on standby. Please note that we only delivery to UK mainland. 



If you’ve signed up to be a Local Zero Hero ut haven’t yet logged on to place your first order, check your inbox for the latest newsletter from Local Zero HQ which has all the details of how to access our test website and join our Facebook group. 

If you’d like to sign up to be a Local Zero Hero, there’s still time, just hop on over to the website now to register!