The Bamboo Toilet Paper Saga: Unravelling the Truth

Ever wondered why bamboo toilet paper has been making waves in the market? We're here to spill the beans!

Every day, we use paper products, not realizing that 35% of harvested trees are sacrificed for this need. This has led to drastic ecosystem disruptions, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity. Enter bamboo toilet paper, the new eco-warrior. It promised to replace our traditional supermarket toilet paper, and we were all for it. But is everything as green as it looks on the surface?

Bamboo has always been hailed as the superhero of sustainability. It's fast-growing, requires minimal water, and doesn’t die when harvested — making it an ideal candidate for paper production. It seemed like we had found the perfect solution to reduce our environmental footprint. But as it turns out, there's more to the story.

Inside the Investigation by Which?

Which?, a renowned UK-based consumer watchdog, decided to dig deeper into this bamboo revolution. They conducted tests on several bamboo toilet paper brands and the findings were shocking! Contrary to what was advertised, some of these "bamboo" products were found to contain large amounts of wood pulp. This deception not only negates the environmental benefits of bamboo but also means we might unknowingly be contributing to deforestation.

In this eco-drama, only Who Gives a Crap and The Cheeky Panda emerged as the real deal, while Bazoo, Bumboo, and Naked Sprout left us with more questions than answers.

So, what does this mean for us, the consumers? Are we victims of green-wiping, led astray by false eco-claims? While these discrepancies might not be intentional, they do make us question the authenticity of environmental claims made by brands.

Bamboo toilet paper, undoubtedly, presents a promising alternative to traditional wood-based products. But the Which? investigation has taught us a valuable lesson: Not all that glitters is green! As we continue to demand sustainable products, it's crucial for companies to uphold transparency in their practices, and for regulatory bodies to ensure they do. As eco-conscious consumers, we either have to do extensive research ourselves to avoid falling into the trap of deceptive product labelling - or find brands and partners we trust to shine a light on environmental heroes and villains. Our aim at Local Zero is to be one of your trusted green partners, striving to find and work with the best environmentally conscious businesses out there.

We are delighted that the Cheeky Panda bamboo brand we sell in our shops came out top in the Which? investigation. Find it online, together with products from other specially selected partners such as EcoLiving, Ben & Anna, Ecoleaf and SESI at

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