Say hello to our head of sustainability, Domini Hogg.

This week, we are introducing you to our head of sustainability, and founder of Tried and Supplied, Domini Hogg.

Tried and Supplied aims to provide purchasing solutions in the food industry to help make supply chains more sustainable. Using a digital platform, Tried & Supplied use technology designed to help restauranteurs connect, collaborate and communicate efficiently with suppliers, while their procurement expertise builds in the profitability required to create truly sustainable supply chains. 

Keeping business Local...
Through joining local business groups like the Chilbolton and Wherwell Business Group and collaborating with the likes of us at Local Zero, Domini is helping connect small businesses and create a chain of sustainable suppliers.

When she's not championing independent growers and suppliers, Domini’s other passions are food and cooking. During lockdown, Domini returned to her family home in Wherwell and spent time experimenting in the garden, growing her own vegetables (with varying results) and discovering a new found admiration for anyone that can grow their own fruit and veg successfully. 

Sharing our missions to reduce single use plastic and increase sustainability. 
We’ve made it no secret that we dislike single-use plastic with a passion here at Local Zero, and Domini agrees! Together, we are on a mission to make single-use plastic a thing of the past, to reduce food miles and support local businesses with the same values as us.

Domini, David and Graeme got to know each other through the Chilbolton and Wherwell Business Group, online network of local businesses, who joined forces to share ideas and support each other during lockdown with regular Zoom meetings (thank goodness for Zoom during the pandemic!). After discovering their aligned views on sustainability and changes for the good of the planet, Tried and Supplied and Local Zero forged a business partnership to help people within Stockbridge and the surrounding area shop locally and eco-consciously. 

But why is single-use plastic such a big problem?
Thinking about a mainstream supermarket, single-use plastic is everywhere. Did you know, 50% of all plastic is single-use. On average, we throw away 380 million tonnes of plastic every year. 50% of this can be recycled, reused or repurposed but the other half ends up either in landfills or dumped in the sea approx. 10 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the sea annually. (source:

How is Local Zero making a difference? 
Along with multiple refill shops, who require you to take your own refillable containers to top up on your favourite products, we provide our own Local Zero containers, which you can send back to us and we will collect, clean and reuse for our next customer. If this process is followed, it means none of our packaging is single-use and will be reused and refilled indefinitely. When you think about it, a lot of the packaging we receive from companies which are less eco-conscious, are unnecessary and come with too many rules about how you can dispose of it.

Our process makes helping the environment easy. Order, empty, return! No confusing instructions, it really is that simple. 

Have you shopped with Local Zero yet?
We love working with Domini and we are excited to expand our business with her help, encouraging more of our customers to change their shopping habits for the good of our planet.

If you haven't shopped with Local Zero yet, what's stopping you? There's no minimum order, so whether you just want to sample our porridge oats, treat yourself to some yoghurt coated raisins, refill your washing detergent or stock up your store cupboard, buy a bunch of British flowers, or taste test our freshly roasted coffee, our online store is open 24 hours a day, so you can shop at your convenience. We deliver within 48 hours. Zero waste packaging and FREE zero-emissions delivery. Go on, place an order now!