Meet the Team - Denise Hall - Customer Experience.

This week, in our 'meet the team' spot, we introduce you to our Strategy and Customer Experience Advisor, Denise Hall. 

Denise’s frustrations with trying to live a greener lifestyle and reduce plastic waste led to the whole Local Zero idea. Taking her diesel car on the 16-mile round trip to her nearest refill shop seemed to be doing more harm than good and, living remotely, any local shopping always meant even more driving, time and hassle. Why not start a totally new concept - zero-waste shopping, zero carrying and zero emissions, supporting local businesses to deliver the best local produce to your door? The rest, as they say, is history!

When she’s not selecting new product ranges or improving our customers’ experience, Denise can be found leading the Admin Office at our local Primary School or treading the boards at the Lights Theatre in Andover. She leads a busy life.

Denise loves many of our products but her favourite thing about Local Zero is the first of our fleet of electric vans. Now she is after a car to match!

As a small, local business, we feel it's important to introduce you to our team, to put some personality behind the names and faces we share on our social media, so let's get to know Denise, a little better....

Denise, please tell us three things about yourself! 

1. Originally from Hertfordshire I came to Hampshire 14 years ago with my husband David, via Scotland and then Germany where the eldest of our two daughters was born. 

2. I started my working life in insurance but since becoming a mum have volunteered and raised funds for various local community groups, run a local choir, worked as Front of House Manager for a local, family run catering business and am now working as the school business manager at our village primary school.

3. I LOVE all things theatre and a beautifully organised pantry!

Why did you join Local Zero?

Local Zero was born of many late night (sometimes boozy!) conversations with David about how shopping more locally and as sustainably as possible meant lots of short car journeys. Not only did I feel I was doing more harm than good, it was also very time-consuming and not overly convenient for someone who worked full time. I am also really rubbish at re-filling my own oil bottles and frequently made an unholy mess so having our partner suppliers to do this for me is a massive relief (for them too, I suspect!)

Why is Local Zero important to you? 

I truly believe that making local, sustainable shopping more convenient for our customers is key to changing consumer habits, therefore reducing our overall use of single use plastics and over reliance on "food miles" for our basic store cupboard items. On-line ordering, local supply, 48 hour delivery, closed loop re-useable containers, zero-emissions electric van, - simples, right?! 

Tell us a little more about your role at Local Zero? 

Because I work full-time at school my time is at a premium but those late night conversations with David continue (over a locally produced gin these days!) and I am always looking for ways to streamline and simplify our processes to make things easier for you. I listen to your feedback and build your suggestions into our plans if we can't make the change immediately. I also personally test all our household and beauty products - if I don't love it, we don't sell it!