Love + Joy Home partner with Local Zero!

Local Zero are pleased to join forces with zero-waste shop, Love + Joy Home, based at The Fairground in Weyhill.  

When Local Zero launches later this month, Love + Joy Home will be one of our key retail partners, supplying a range of refill goods. When you shop online with Local Zero, refillable products will be fulfilled by Love + Joy Home before being delivered with the rest of your order.

Local Zero founder, David Hall, explains the benefits of the partnership:
“As well as making it easier to shop sustainably, a major part of the Local Zero mission is to champion local, independent businesses like Love + Joy Home. We aim to generate an additional revenue stream via our website, increase exposure on our social media, and help them to extend their reach, delivering their products to wider geographical area.”

If you’re not familiar with this brilliant local business, for the past two and a half years Love + Joy Home has been helping consumers make the change to zero-waste shopping, providing a huge range of items available to buy on a refill basis. 

The idea behind a zero-waste shop is that you bring your own containers and purchase what you need.  The Love + Joy Home range includes household cleaning, shampoo, body wash, flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and snacks, coffee and tea, herbs and spices as well as providing a range of plastic free swaps like washable make-up pads and safety razors.

Sarah Lovejoy, the owner of Love + Joy Home encourages people to make small changes, starting with a couple of easy swaps like washing up liquid which most of us already have a bottle for.  Like anything, it’s all about changing habits.  It’s surprisingly easy and addictive once you make the change and you can see the amount of rubbish reducing in your bins.  The other advantage is that you can buy as much or as little as you need, helping to reduce the growing problem of food waste and saving on your household bills.

“I’ve always been interested in environmental issues.  I remember many heated debates as a teen with my Dad concerning testing on animals, pollution and recycling to name a few and dragging my mum to a particular health food shop because they stocked a cruelty free make-up range. 

 My passion for natural and ethical continues to be with me, from studying aromatherapy in my 20’s and especially after the birth of my children when I became more aware of the plastics and synthetics found in our home and beauty products.

 The aim of my shop is to offer a range and choice of naturally derived cleaning and beauty products and items for the home which can be recycled.  There are more and more studies to show the adverse effects that synthetic chemicals have on our bodies and our environment so there is no better time to consider the effects of these products.”

By recycling packaging and encouraging customers to bring their own containers, Love + Joy Home has sold over 72,000 refills this year, reducing the amount of single use plastic packaging ending up in landfill or incineration. This aligns perfectly with the mission of Local Zero to encourage sustainability and reduce waste.

To find out more about Love + Joy Home, visit their website or follow them on social Facebook or Instagram