Local Zero partner with Oaktrack Smallholding

A flock of chickens roam freely around the Oaktrack farm

Ever been to the Australian outback? No, us neither. But we have been to Hampshire-based Oaktrack, and let us tell you, this is NOT one to miss!

Local Zero are delighted to introduce Oaktrack Smallholding as our latest retail partner. 

On Friday, we visited the farm shop where Oaktrack sell their fresh, local produce. If you follow us on social media and saw our stories, you will have seen the farm shop packed with preserves of all varieties, eggs, meat and vegetables, all hand-reared, grown and produced right there on site, in the heart of the Hampshire countryside at Andover Down.

David Hall and Tina Wells pictured outside the Oaktrack Farm Shop

Tina and Jim turned their dream of living off the land into a reality and a thriving business. 

Tina and Jim Wells moved to the farm in 2000 and began making their dream of owning a smallholding and living off the land, a reality. Starting out with only a few chickens, lambs and calves, Oaktrack has since grown into to self-sustained, highly praised, local business, selling a variety of hand-reared meat, dairy, produce and crafts, direct to the public and through retail partners like Local Zero. Our taste team have been sampling the produce and we are excited to deliver Oaktrack produce directly to your door. 

When you visit Oaktrack, as well as a warm welcome, you really get a real feel for the passion the team has for their work; you can see the first hand the dedication to their animal welfare and it’s obvious they all take pride in what they do. Lead by Top Dog, Jake, Tina and Jim are supported by the OAl track team which includes Office Manager Amanda, Head Gardener Hazel and Farm Maintenance and Livestock Hand Dale, with Carmel cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Glass jars of jam, preserve and chutneys are displayed on an antique dresser at Oaktrack farm shop.

Resolve to buy more local produce in JAM-uary 

‘The best preserves and pickles for miles around. Farm fresh and family finished’ is how Tina describes their range of preserves, so we thought what better way to celebrate the delicious selection by dedicating the month of January to them; JAM-uary, if you will!

If you’ve made a resolution to support local businesses and buy more local produce this year, then a jar of home-made jam is an easy switch to make! Our hand-picked range of Oaktrack preserves are made using 100% produce from their own vegetable patches and orchard, cooked in their on-site kitchen. Try the classic Victoria Plum Jam, traditional Strawberry Jam, or perhaps something a little more unique like Servile Orange and Ginger Jam. Not forgetting about their selection of Chutneys from Old Dowerhouse or Spiced Carrot and Garlic Chutney to Mango Chutney. Plus, love them or hate them, Pickled Onions! We have a range of sizes available, you might have a hard time choosing - but we promise you they are all delicious (we’re working through each variety on the list as part of our very important ‘research’!) 

Add Oaktrack Jam to your shopping basket 

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Whichever way you have them, nothing tastes better than fresh, local, free range eggs. Scrambled, poached or fried, Oaktrack’s hens happily lay eggs while they are free to roam about as they wish. The yolks are bright yellow and, yep, they taste amazing. 
Free range (free to roam) eggs

You’ll know by now, sustainability credentials are very important when we’re creating a new partnership, and Oaktrack is no exception. They grow ALL their vegetables on site and they are passionate about seasonality. 

They also encourage egg containers, jam jar etc. to be returned to them for reuse where possible. Everything is grown, reared and produced on site, meaning fewer miles transporting it from one area to another. Their passion and authenticity shines through with their customer service and the quality of everything the sell.

A selection of hand-reared grass fed meats available from Oaktrack smallholding

Add Oaktrack products to your shopping basket now!

We’ve added a selection of Oaktrack products to our online store, with more in the pipeline to suit demand. Preserves, chutney, vegetables, meat and eggs can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door in our zero-emissions electric van! We’re all about supporting local independent businesses who care about the environment as much as we do, so Oaktrack is the perfect fit to join our army of local, sustainable suppliers trying to make Hampshire that little bit greener for everyone.

It’s never been easier to shop from multiple local businesses, all in one convenient online store, delivered to your door! 

Local Zero is designed to make shopping locally easier; to shop with us, just visit our website and browse our online store. When you’re ready to checkout, simply follow the instructions allowing 48 hours for delivery. 

Jake the farm dog welcomes visitors to Oaktrack Smallholding