Local Zero partner with Lusso Leaf for delicious & nutritious micro-greens

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest supplier partner, Lusso Leaf and their locally grown micro-greens!

Lusso Leaf is a non-conventional indoor farm, producing micro-greens through vertical farming. Because of this technique, they are able to grow much more per square metre than traditional farming. Their commitment to providing locally grown, sustainable produce whilst being environmentally friendly is everything Local Zero believes in. We can’t wait to join forces, and deliver their tasty micro-greens direct to your door.

 Sustainable, environmentally-friendly, indoor farming.

Through indoor, vertical farming, Lusso Leaf are able to minimalize their impact on the environment. They have complete control over their produce and the conditions it grows in- this means their micro-greens can be grown throughout the year, and they are not restricted by the seasons. There is no need for harmful pesticides to be used to protect the micro-greens, making the process better for the consumer and the environment, and by supplying their micro-greens locally, Lusso Leaf are keeping food miles to a minimum, so they really have considered all aspects of sustainability.  

What are Micro-greens?

Who better to explain, than Lusso Leaf themselves. “Microgreens are common vegetables and herbs that are densely grown and harvested just a few days beyond germination. Typically they consist of a stem, the first two leaves (cotyledons) and, in some cases, the first true leaves begin to appear.” Containing vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, they are loved by foodies and chefs alike, thanks to their aesthetic appeal when added as a finishing touch to a dish. But that’s not to say they’re only there for decoration. The flavour impact they can have on a dish, is something that may not be expected, but is undoubtedly welcome.


What's in a name?

Stemmed (no pun intended!) from the Latin word luxus, which is Italian for luxury. If a name is just the start, it’s clear to see everything has been thought out with the utmost precision. This fits perfectly with what their brand is all about and what they have to offer.


What produce do they offer?

  Local Zero is looking forward to bringing Lusso Leaf’s MicroMix to you. “Need a good dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all in one? Our vibrant MicroMix has it covered. This tasty mix is bursting with all the goodness you can get from: Peashoots, Sunflower, Chard, Broccoli, Mustard, Radish, Red Veined Sorrel, Basil and Coriander (Contents may vary).” Lusso Leaf’s MicroMix is available in 40g or 80g bags. They also offer more specific produce, such as Kale Pink Russian, Basil Red, Peashoots, Pea Tendrils, and many more. And remember, these are supplied all year round, due to their innovative farming techniques. This means Local Zero will be able to deliver fresh, tasty micro-greens whenever you need them!


Expanding business with larger premise:

Due to high demand of their micro-greens from chefs, and home use, Lusso Leaf have recently expanded to larger premises, in order to provide even more of their produce. This means they have also been able to invest in new automated systems. All the while, they’ve still been supplying the most delicious, nutritious micro-greens to their customers.


Never tried micro-greens? They may well be what your dish is missing. It’s now even easier for Local Zero customers to get their hands on, delivered direct to your door with your other refillable products!


Check out their website: https://www.lussoleaf.com to find out more of what they have to offer and a sneak-peek at what will be appearing on the Local Zero website very soon!