How it works... a guide to the Local Zero ordering process

We operate in the main, as what is known as a closed-loop, zero-waste delivery service; Our products are delivered in 100% reusable, returnable or recyclable packaging. The customer decants their flour, pasta, coffee, shampoo, detergent or - whatever really – into their own containers, and then keeps the empties for collection.Local Zero collects, washes, refills or recycles the empties and the whole cycle starts again! 

Alternatively, Local Zero customers may choose to keep our containers and reuse within their home - and order refill sizes to keep in the cupboard. Either way, you can be safe in the knowledge that the packaging we use for refill products has been carefully selected for its functionality and eco-credentials.

Whether BPA-free plastic, glass or paper, Local Zero packaging is chosen for long life use, with the aim of keeping the amount of waste put into general circulation to an absolute minimum. It can ALL be either re-used, recycled or composted, meaning NOTHING goes to land-fill.

So how does it work? 

  1. Browse our website and choose from a range of groceries and household items, available both as packaged and as refills. Our product range will include a variety of store cupboard essentials, cleaning products and eco-friendly alternatives, available from our carefully selected local suppliers.

  2. Choose your delivery slot. We work on a 2 day turnaround, so you need to allow a minimum 48 hours from point of order, to delivery time. Once you have checked out your order, sit back, relax and put your feet up, and wait for your shopping to arrive!

  3. Your order will be fulfilled by our local suppliers into reusable/recyclable packaging. We are on a mission to reduce waste and help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, so we have conducted hours of research and development so make sure we are using the most sustainable containers possible.

  4. Local Zero will deliver your shopping to your door. Shopping with local retailers has never been easier with our easy to use website. No need to spend time travelling to different shops, we will have them all in one place! Once fulfilled, we will personally deliver your shopping in our zero-emissions van.

  5. Once you have decanted your refill goods, the last step in our process is for us to collect our reusable Local Zero containers, along with any other packaging you need to dispose of for cleaning / recycling. Our branded containers are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, ready to be put back into our fulfilment system. Where possible all other packaging can be composted at home, or disposed of through your household recycling programme.

That's because it is! Shopping with us really couldn't be any easier, just

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