Free range eggs no longer available in the UK

You may have seen in the news this week the departure of 'free-range' eggs from supermarket shelves...

In case you didn't already know, the country is experiencing its largest ever outbreak of avian influenza and since November 2021 measures have been in place to prevent the virus from spreading. Due to the length of time hens have been kept indoors following outbreaks of bird flu, as of Monday 21st March, you can no longer buy free-range eggs in the UK. 

From today onwards, eggs in shops must be labelled as "barn eggs" due to birds being kept inside for more than 16 weeks. According to the RSPCA, around 55% of all eggs produced in the UK are usually free-range, means they come from birds that, during the daytime, enjoy unlimited access to outdoor pastures. But the rules relating to the control of Avian Flu stipulate that the birds must be kept under cover to avoid the spread of the disease. 

Level up your baking with Oaktrack eggs

 Baking with free range eggs Victoria sponge with free range eggs
Images courtesy of Jenny Whittingham

Barn fresh eggs from Oaktrack Farm
Our fresh hens eggs are supplied by Local Zero retail partners, Oaktrack Farm at Charlton Down, near Andover, where their huge flock of chickens enjoy a wonderful life under the supervision of Tina and Jim Wells. 

Tina and Jim have about 160 hens Oaktrack Farm which are are mostly Lohmann Browns with a few Bason Whites (hence the occasional white eggs). Although currently cooped up, the hens are enjoying plenty of space inside a large barn, which has had windows put in to allow more light and the doors are open with wired fronts; the girls are being extremely well cared for whilst in lockdown, and are producing around 135 eggs every day! 

Local Zero customers LOVE Oaktrack eggs… in fact, they are our bestselling product by far since we introduced them in January. The current daily record for orders is 120 in one day!

The perfect way to take your baking or breakfast to another level! But don’t just take our word for it, local baker and owner of Delighted Dough Patisserie in Andover, Mia Hacket says that Oaktrack eggs are "the best she has ever used" and orders a tray every week!  

Order your barn fresh eggs from Local Zero today and we'll deliver to your door, for FREE, within 20 miles of Stockbridge, Hampshire.