3 Reasons You Should Be Buying British Flowers

Flowers; they have a special way of saying ‘I Love You’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Goodbye’ without being able to say a word. They can brighten your home, your garden, a special place and lift your mood. Now imagine the flowers you’ve bought are locally grown with love, look and smell incredible, and come as an eco-friendly alternative to other flowers. Bloomin’ marvellous if you ask us!

Our partners, Featherstone’s English Flower Co., are based in The Wallops, Hampshire. After outgrowing their previous location in Grateley, Jess and Katie blossomed their business, acquiring a massive 3 acres of farmland, enabling them to grow a huge variety of mixed flowers. With their combined expertise in horticulture and floristry, you just know you’re getting the best British flowers. 

Jess and Katie from Featherstone's Flowers  British flowers from Featherstone's available to buy at Local Zero

What makes them the perfect fit for Local Zero? Other than the obvious- fewer miles to travel as they are grown locally, and not shipped across the world- they also offer a refill option with your flowers. When you buy your first bouquet, you could opt to make your gift that much better by including a vase. When the time comes to replace your flowers, choose a refill bunch from Local Zero, and return your original vase and we’ll give you a new one. This also saves you some pennies as you’ll only be paying for the vase ONCE! 

Here's why you should be making the switch and buying British... 

We're so impressed with Featherstone's sustainability credentials, we wrote this blog just to let you know 3 reasons why you should be buying beautiful British blooms from Local Zero...

1. Featherstone's are as zero waste as possible throughout everything they do and look to reduce, reuse and recycle in every aspect of the farm. There no plastic cellophone to be seen. 

2. Buying flowers grown by Featherstone's means flowers which have travelled the least possible distance. Keeping emissions from the supply chain to an absolute minimum. 

2. Featherstone's do not use heat or peat to grow. British flowers produce around 95% fewer greenhouse gases than those imported. You can also be sure that any flowers grown by them haven't been repeatedly sprayed with pesticides and herbicides (unlike those imported). 

Ethical and sustainable flowers throughout the year. 
Whilst their flowers are only grown and cut from farm in Wallop between March to November, Featherstone's continue to supply a wonderful range of fresh flowers through the winter months from 100% British farms, to keep you going until Spring.  

Place your order through Local Zero at least 48 hours before you need them and we will collect your plastic-free, ethically grown British flowers from Featherstone’s, and deliver to you (or the recipient!) in our zero emissions van.

Delivery is FREE within 20 miles of Stockbridge. The price you see on our website is the price you pay- there’s no extra for our eco-friendly delivery and refill scheme! 

Featherstone's Zero waste Christmas wreath making kit available to buy at Local Zero Festive foliage from Featherstone's Flowers available to buy at Local Zero   

Festive Floristry from Featherstone's available from Local Zero

Did you know we are also delivering wonderful Christmas wreath kits from Featherstone Flowers? That’s right; you can now create your own wreath for your front door with a kit delivered directly to your door with prices from just £29.95

If this sounds like something a little out of your league (there’s always time to learn a new skill) then you can book onto one of their Christmas wreath making workshops, giving you the opportunity to make your own gorgeous, natural wreath using locally sourced willow, sustainably gathered moss and all British foliage. Offering courses for all ages, you can take the whole family along and enjoy time together making something beautiful for your home.

Alternatively, you could just shop our range of ready made wreaths from just £55.00 with FREE delivery.