Broughton Growers partner with Local Zero

We are growing our product range with the help of Broughton Growers! 

Set in the heart of Test Valley, within the village of Broughton, Tid has been growing vegetables at The Anchorage since the 1950’s

His mission is that their produce must be fresh, local, sustainable & delicious, which aligns perfectly with our vision at Local Zero. From corn and cabbage, to beans and herbs, everything is sustainably grown in Broughton and handpicked less than 24hrs before delivery – it really can’t get fresher than that.

Local Zero are delighted to team up with Tid and his team, Laura and Caspar, to bring you a selection of hand-picked produce, fresh from the field. While we test demand, we’ve added garlic, coriander, salad leaves, chard and courgettes, with a view to adding more variety once we get an idea of what you want to buy! 

We had a chat with Laura, to find out more about the history of Brought Growers...

Broughton Growers, previously Broughton Organics, was established in the rise of growing climate uncertainty. The Anchorage previously took home to the family’s Poultry farm before being superseded by a vegetable growing operation, that soon went on to be one of the first operations certified under the Soil Association as ‘organic’. A big emphasis was put on tree planting and land management to create a space which is biodiverse and a happy habitat for a diverse array of flora and fauna. What was once an open field was converted into 3.5 acres of fruit and nut orchards, woodland coppice, hedgerows, polytunnels and of course plenty of beds for growing vegetables. 

Moving forward to now, Broughton Growers works as a growing syndicate with a holistic management approach. With the help of local and regenerative ‘satellite farms’ such as Broughton Water Buffalo, Broughton Growers continue to use sustainable and organic growing methods. In terms of produce, there are a diverse array of crops grown year to year including fruits, vegetables and herbs that are sold to local community stores and through a local veg box delivery scheme. With growing these, there is effort to use techniques such as companion cropping/intercropping and pollinators to increase diversity in addition to min-till/ no dig techniques to help protect the soil biota and lessen soil erosion/ compaction. 

Broughton Growers was one of the first operations certified under the Soil Association as ‘organic’.

Instead of relying heavily on energy intensive and imported, mined fertilisers as too often seen in conventional farming practice, Broughton Growers generate all their fertilisers naturally within a mile radius of the Anchorage. This includes grass fed Buffalo muck, home made compost, compost teas, biochar and worm cast/folia feed from the onsite worm farm. As well as being self-reliant in terms of fertilizers, the plot also generates its own renewable energy from solar power and independent supply of on-site bore-hole water.

Promoting Food Security and Sustainability

Our mission at Broughton growers is not only to increase food security at a time of great food IN-security, but also to generate green local jobs that don’t just take from nature but give back into our ecosystem. We ensure all our packaging is minimal and where it's necessary, using plastic free/biodegradable options to reduce the carbon footprint and waste. A project like this relies upon its local community to succeed, which is why we are so thrilled to be working alongside Local Zero and sharing our story with you all!

Add some Broughton Growers produce to your basket! From field to your doorstep within 24 hours, produce from Broughton Growers is packed full of nutrients and tastes exactly like it should. Buy fresh local Broughton Growers produce from Local Zero today!