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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Local Zero blog.
If you’ve found your way here, then chances are that you have an interest in leading a zero-waste lifestyle, and would like to find out more about our new sustainable business. 

Image of a Local Zero Shopping cotton shopping bag surrounded by a variety of zero waste products

We believe in sustainable local shopping that doesn’t cost the Earth. 

Local Zero is an exciting new digital retail platform for sustainable and zero-waste shopping. 

An innovative way to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, Local Zero combines sustainable shopping with a zero-waste-refill station and recycling service on your doorstep, all accessible online. We are champions of shopping locally, giving our customers access to the best of local foods, household supplies and creative crafts, sustainably produced, reducing waste and helping the planet.


We are on a mission…

Our mission is to change shopping behaviours for good. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the trends to shop online, shop local and shop green. As we come out of lockdown, if we can help everyone avoid reverting to driving to the big supermarket chains and filling up with produce from thousands of miles away while piling up emissions and plastic waste, the planet and our local communities will be the winners. 

We know that while many people would love to spend more money with local businesses, the reality is that it’s not always possible; we all lead busy lives, and it can be time consuming visiting multiple local outlets to purchase different products, so we came up with the concept of Local Zero, an easy to use online retail platform, bringing together a combination of locally sourced produce and products, along with refillable goods, delivered to your doorstep. 

Who we are… 

Our small but perfectly formed Local Zero team brings together a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors including finance, IT, e-commerce, retail, food, and marketing, sharing a passion for waste reduction and sustainability, along with the all-important customer journey.

Based in Stockbridge, Hampshire, we love where we live, and we want to play an integral part in encouraging others to lead a greener lifestyle and make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to shopping for produce and household products. 

The pandemic has focused our desire for using our combined experience and networks to drive the green recovery in our region, supporting the local economy and helping independent businesses to thrive.

You can meet the team here

Who you are...

If you’re still reading this, then hopefully we have struck a chord with your eco-conscious self!
Perhaps you are making a conscious effort to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle or are looking for ways to make positive changes to your shopping habits. Perhaps you simply want to reduce waste in the home. Perhaps you clicked on the link by accident, and haven’t the faintest clue what we are talking about. That’s ok. Read on, and see how you can get involved and do your bit in helping your local economy whilst saving the planet!

Our research tells us that many of our potential customers lead busy lives, and while they would love to support more local independent businesses, in reality, due to time constraints or geography, it’s not always convenient to do the right thing or support our local community.  That’s where Local Zero comes in. Our online platform will bring together a combination of locally sourced produce and products, along with refillable goods, delivered to your doorstep via our zero-emission van. Shopping sustainably has never been so easy! 

Growing a Community. 

We are firm believers in the idea that you don’t need to be a perfect environmentalist to make a difference, it’s the small changes that add up, so if we all work together, we can collectively have a positive impact. With that in mind, we want to focus on building a sustainable, inclusive community with the aim of becoming a hub for ideas and information to help you make a difference to the world. You can follow our story on both Facebook and Instagram, where we will be documenting our journey and sharing content from our supplier partners, along with posting general hints and tips to help you make environmentally friendly changes.  

How can you help? 


  • Feedback - Your input is super important in shaping the Local Zero you would like to see and ensuring it meets your needs. Take part in our Local Zero marketing research survey HERE

  • Socialise! - By following our social channels, hitting the ‘like’ button, joining the conversation and perhaps occasionally sharing our content, you will help us expand our minds and our community. 

  • Be a Local Zero Hero - Play an active role in shaping our business. Our founding members can help us  with market research, product testing and be ambassadors for the Local Zero brand. Share in our success by signing up to be a Local Zero Hero HERE

  • Shop with us - We’ll test the shopping and delivery service with our starter range of products in June. Help us test out our processes and create the very best experience so we can expand in the way you want throughout the summer. To keep up to date with the latest Local Zero developments, and be notified when our online store opens you can sign up to our newsletter HERE